Laser Cutting New

We own and operate one of the largest cutting tables in the United States (10’-0” x 40’-0”). We have the capacity to process any size project you have in mind, and the ability to do so economically.

MVS Metals

Home to one of the largest laser beds in the country our 6,000 Watt Fiber Laser will make any project, large or small, convenient, efficient and cost effective for you. Learn More About MVS Metals >

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PVS Metals

Our automated Stopa Tower System, combined with a handful of powerful Fiber Lasers, will chew through any backlog and provide you with clean, conforming parts.  Learn More About PVS Metals >

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NPS Metals

7 stand alone CO2 lasers and an automated Butterfly Loading System connected to 2 fiber lasers can take any production requirements to task. Learn More About NPS Metals >

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