PVS Structures is honored to be a part of the new addition to Westside High School.

The Westside Engineering Labs expansion project will significantly expand the current welding, fabrication and manufacturing program at Westside High School.  This workforce development project was 100% privately funded ($1,159,000) through 30 supporters, and the project is scheduled to be completed in time for the upcoming school year.  The project will also provide an instructional space that is conducive to the education that students need in order to enhance their exposure to welding, fabrication and manufacturing, and develop the skills needed for this high demand career field. 

Tyler Owen, CEO and President of Owen Industries is a Westside High School graduate (1990), as well as Executive Assistant Susan Sherman (1991). 

The image below features Josh Tills, Owen Industries Apprentice Welder and WHS class of 2016, welding on the project.