Are you bonding or vulcanizing multiple materials together? Are the small parts becoming too much of a hassle? Are your production costs starting to become a burden?  This is where Water Jet Cutting shines.

This challenge comes up more than you would believe.  Often times, cutting parts individually and then bonding or vulcanizing them together can become tedious and time consuming.  Not to mention the issues with parts not matching up to specification.  This frequently leads to lost parts, lost hours and lost profits.

There are times where materials can be bonded or vulcanized and then cut.  Unfortunately, the tool needed to cut one material may not work for the other.  When this situation occurs, Water Jet Cutting Technology can be a viable solution.  There is no HAZ (Heat Affected Zone), thermal distortion or change in material properties which allows multiple materials types to be cut at the same time.  Additionally, Water Jet Cutting can support tolerances as close as +/-.005″ with high positional accuracies of +/-.003″.

MVS Recently used Water Jet Cutting a Vulcanized Stainless Steel/Duro-Composite Rubber Compound into bumper stops for the Transportation and Agricultural Industry. Rather than cutting each piece separately and then Vulcanizing, MVS received Pre-Vulcanized Full Size Sheets and cut multiple parts, ensuring proper dimensions, fit up, aesthetics and function.

Do you have issues with bonding or vulcanizing materials to create the specified part? Contact Aaron Mousel at or call 712-255-9632 or our sales team for information and pricing about Water Jet Cutting.