Our Red Bud machine which is the finest heavy gauge stretcher leveler in the industry.  It stretches material beyond its yield point to remove stresses introduced at the mill, including coil set, crossbow, edge wave and center-buckle, so your lasers and other processing equipment can operate “lights out” with fewer interruptions. The machine also uses non-marking, non-slip grippers to ensure that the material remains clean and free of marks during stretcher operation.

Our cutting-edge heavy gauge stretcher leveler capabilities, together with our just-in-time delivery service, guarantee that your order will be processed to meet your specifications, and your deadline, every time.

PVS Metals maintains a fleet of trucks managed with state-of-the-art logistics and tracking systems. Deliveries range from minimum order for smaller customers to truck-load orders for large manufacturing operations. You can trust PVS Metals to deliver your finished product on time and to your specifications every time.

Our Red Bud Industries® heavy gauge stretcher leveler, housed in our 200,000 sq.-ft. PVS Metals facility, produces panel-flat material, which customers can custom order to minimize scrap and in-house processing costs. Material from the stretcher leveler arrives at your door flat, and stays flat during processing.

The new line is rated for: 1.00″ (25.4 mm) material at 77″ (1956 mm) wide and has an 80,000 lbs. (36,287 kg) coil capacity.

Maximum stack length is:576″ (14,630 mm) with provisions to run up to 720″ (18,288 mm).

The line has a maximum speed of 200 FPM (61 MPM).

To learn more about our heavy gauge stretcher leveler services please call Keith Siebels at 712-347-5500.