PVS Metals’ Quality Metrics

PPM (Parts Per Million) is a measurement Owen Industries uses (in line with the industry) to measure quality performance for fabricated parts.  PVS Metals’ Sales and QA departments have worked rigorously on improving processes related to managing customer drawings and CAD files in order to verify revisions and drawing scaling are correct prior to work order release.  PVS Metals’ QA department develops customer part specifications to enable our shop operators to quickly laser scan parts for conformance using our Virtek CMM machines.  This revised process has yielded a PPM for all customers under 250 and a John Deere PPM of 0 since 2015.  It’s important to note that the PPM improvement continued as PVS Metals increased overall part shipments. 

PVS Metals supplied 1,000,000 more parts in 2017 than in 2016 and is on pace to eclipse the 2017 total parts quantity of 2,721,175 in 2018.  PVS Metals added an additional Virtek CMM machine in 2018. The new Virtek CMM machine has expanded capability to measure the accuracy of three dimensional parts to tolerances within .25 mm enabling PVS Metals to further validate the quality of our work. PVS Metals’ commitment to quality governs our approach to all customer orders and, in the case of John Deere, has helped us achieve Partner status (120 PPM or less) with them 5 years running.  If you demand quality and consistency for your metals needs call your friends at PVS Metals!