Paxton & Vierling Steel Structures division created girder set for Hawkins Construction Company (HCC).  Picture was taken immediately after erection, and readying safety cables.  Note that the safety cable posts are custom engineered by HCC and coordinated with PVS for anchoring.  HCC + PVS = Quality + Safety, and ahead of schedule!

Job # L-6007.
General Contractor: Hawkins Construction Company

Owner: Nebraska Department of Roads

Location: Pleasant Dale, NE in Seward County, just west of Lincoln, between Lincoln and Milford

Purpose: Bridge was to widen and rehab Nebraska Highway 103 over a double BNSF rail line

Girder beams are each 84’ long, plus a bolted center splice = 168’ total length.

Blasted weathering steel was used for all beams and plates.

Through a Herculean weekend effort, PVS shot 1,800 shear studs over about 3 days.

Subsequently PVS manually drilled & bolted splices requiring 400 bolts in another 3 days