Let us tell you a story about a recent college graduate that applied for the job that did not exist.  He is unassuming, yet resolute.  He graduated from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln with a degree in Civil Engineering.  After unsuccessfully seeking employment with an impressive local list of recognizable organizations, he kept researching.  Through research, he found a locally owned family organization.  He skipped past Human Resources and directly contacted upper management.  His past experiences taught him that HR may delay his progress.  His resume’; uninspiring.  He just graduated from college.  He had very little work experience.  Upper management liked the applicant’s initiative, and agreed to meet him.  Management would help connect him to the Engineering world.  Management did not have any open positions that fit the young graduate.  They met and talked.  Management was pleased enough that the young graduate filled out an application to have on file…for a job that did not exist.

Over the next few weeks, management discussed the applicant with Human Resources and told HR that we didn’t have anything open for him.  HR and management agreed that the applicant had initiative.  HR suggested developing an internship for the applicant.  They all agreed to a 6-month internship.  The applicant would work for the Quality Department as a documentation specialist, learning a craft, learning the organization, and developing his resume’.  That was 6 months ago. 

Meet Andrew Edwards.  We offered Andrew a full time position with PVS Structures today.  He accepted!  We could not be any more proud of him.  We all won!

Welcome Andrew Edwards to the PVS family!  We can all learn from Andrew’s initiative and resolve.