Owen Industries utilizes a fleet of hydraulic press brakes and other forming equipment

From simple 90-degree bends to complex sequences with 10 or more bends, our press brakes can form small and large parts up to 750 tons and 18-feet long. Our versatility, together with our advanced technology, skilled workforce and controlled processes, allows us to meet a broad selection of customer needs and consistently produce a high-quality product.

From simple brackets and signboards to complex metal housings, we specialize in offering press brake forming services for a variety of sheet metal fabrications. We can bend everything from structural components to highly cosmetic panels using our hydraulic and mechanical press brakes.

Our collection of over 20 press brakes and other forming equipment allows us to perform offline programming, automatically calculate bend sequence, and set up plans customized to workshop requirements.

A standard range of V-shaped, plus channel-shaped dies and punches are used for producing parts with distinct shapes. We also use custom-fabricated dies to produce unique precision-formed parts. With both standard and custom tooling capabilities, we can form parts into round, square, rectangle or other complex shapes.

After each job is complete, we analyze our processes to insure maximum efficiency in our manufacturing methods. Our CNC programs can be easily modified as revisions become necessary, and all data is backed up and securely stored daily. Whether we are supporting the development of a unique prototype, small runs or large runs, we have the experience to suit almost every need. Our goal is to find the most efficient solutions possible to maximize the value of the products supplied to our customers.

Many Choices. One Decision. One Stop Shopping- PVS-Metals A Division of Owen Industries.

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