Tuesday, October 22nd 2019

Owen Industries was the proud host of a Future Ready Iowa Summit on Tuesday, October 22 at its PVS-Metals Division located in Carter Lake IA. The focus of the summit, was how employers can create and sustain its talent pipeline as well as presenting different options that can help employers grow their skilled workforce, both internally and externally. “Employer support and participation is essential to the success of Future Ready Iowa and ensuring we meet our goal of 70 percent of Iowans with post-secondary training or education by 2025,” said Director Beth Townsend, Iowa Workforce Development. Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds spoke as well while, highlighting the significant benefits of a collaborative, public-private partnership to help build a skilled workforce for the future.

Of special note, PVS-Structures division employees Josh Tills and Aaron Lirette both were honored having completed a 2-yr competency based registered Welder Apprenticeship Program. Both individuals received an industry-issued credential as certified USDOL- Welder Journeyman.

Congrats to both individuals for their perseverance, dedication, and commitment.

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