Owen Industries takes and active role growing our skilled workforce within our local community. One way of doing that is to support students through our company sponsored scholarships which help defray the cost of tuition, while ensuring that finances do not become a handicap, especially when a student has a passion to learn but would not have the financial means to pursue a career in skilled trades.

Larry Erickson Welding student is our latest benefactor having received the Owen / PVS Scholarship while attending welding classes at MCC-Metro Community College, Omaha Ne.

What led you to MCC?

I recently was laid off from Union Pacific Railroad after working there for 17 years, and I needed a career path to support my family that would provide me job security.  I researched a craft that employers were hiring for, and I selected welding.  I had worked at the North Platte Diesel Shop, but my children lived in Omaha so that was a good transition for me to move back to Omaha.  I also had already attended a few classes at MCC and knew that had been a good experience with good instructors and overall content, so it was an easy decision to attend MCC’s welding program.

 How will this scholarship benefit you?

The scholarship will greatly benefit me with my current employment situation and provide me the opportunity to attend the program without worrying about missing payments on other necessities.  I was very motivated about my decision to register for the welding program and this scholarship will make it much less stressful and provide me a great foundation for a successful transition into this craft.