Owen Industries has been a family owned company for the better part of a century, and that culture of togetherness is lived by its employees. We spend a third of our lives with the people that we work with, and it is impossible not to get to know them beyond just a coworker. One of the prominent members of the MVS Metals/Owen Industries family is Mike Jordan, who has been with the company since January 1977. Over these 42 wonderful years, he has seen many faces come and go, but those who are here now are well aware of his passion, his humor, his drive, and his joy that he shares with his work family. Sunday, September 15th, in conjunction with the ALS Association, over 80 members of his family joined him in support of his fight against ALS. The 1-Mile walk took place at 1pm at the Chris Larsen Park Shelter in Sioux City, Iowa. Together we are family. Together we can make a difference. Together we are #MIKESTRONG.