Why spend lots of money and wait several weeks on proprietary catalog items when all you need is a simple non-slip surface? PVS Metals can create, and customize, a variety of patterns and depths, for your individual product needs. In some cases we can turn your design/needs with in a single week at a fraction of the price.

The TruPunch 5000 offers an alternative to Catalog Only tread products. We can provide Custom Non-Slip Floor Plates with significantly shorter lead times, and at a lower price. Custom Non-Slip Floor Plates offer a unique pattern that not only solves slip issues, but customizes your equipment with brand or model information.

We take your requested gauge thickness from stock plate, and process in a matter of hours. Eliminating your need to wait weeks for “special” flooring.

Please contact our Sales Team to discuss your custom floor plate. 712-347-5500